Summer-Proof Your Hair At REEDS


Top Tips for Healthy Summer Hair At REEDS Salons In Cambridge And Sawston

It’s no secret that summer sun can play havoc with your hair leaving looking and feeling dry, dull and unruly. Don’t panic, though - that’s where we come in. The talented team of hairstyling experts at REEDS are here to help give you a summer of beautiful, shiny, healthy hair.

Get your hair in great condition ready for the summer months by following our top tips below - and keep your hair happy and healthy all summer long!

How to Protect Coloured Hair From the Sun 

Hair colour can fade quickly in the sun, so it is essential to protect it from harmful UV rays in order to prolong the life of your hair colour. Invest in quality hair colour protecting products to prevent colour fade (available to buy at your nearest REEDS salon) and always try and wear a hat to stay safe in the sun! The hair care experts at REEDS can advise you on the best deep conditioning treatments (including BOND Ulitm8) to keep hair healthy and nourished.

Protect your Hair From Chlorine 

If you plan on doing lots of swimming this summer then wear a swim cap to prevent chlorine from stripping your hair of essential oils. Another top tip before you take the plunge is to wet your hair under the shower first, if your hair is drenched with clean water or leave-in conditioner, it won’t absorb as much salt water or pool chemicals.

Stunning Hair Colours & Stylish Cuts for Summer 

In order to have healthy hair, it is important to invest in regular hair cuts to prevent breakage and prevent split ends. Book in with your stylist at REEDS salons to refresh your style for the new season. Don’t forget to plan ahead and get your hair colour done in time for your holiday! 

 Book Your Summer Hair Appointment At The Best Hair Salons In Cambridge 

If you would like to book your hair colour appointment get in touch with the hair experts in Sawston & Cambridge. Call 01223 833303 for our Sawston hairdressing salon or 01223 363107 for our Cambridge hair salon.