Hair Colour Consultations

The hair colour experts at REEDS Hairdressers in Sawston and CambridgeYour Complimentary Hair Consultation at REEDS Hair Salons in Cambridge and Sawston

If you’re thinking of trying out a new hairstyle or colour, but aren’t sure where to start - the first thing you need to do is book a complimentary consultation at your local REEDS Hair Salon.

During your consultation, we will get to know you, understand your hair likes and dislikes, chat about your hair routine, and come up with some great hairstyles and hair colours that will suit you.

We can also discuss the right hair colour techniques to get the look you desire. 

The Important Stuff: The Allergy Alert Test

Let’s get to the serious stuff first. When a client chooses our hair salons in Sawston and Cambridge, they are trusting our team to not only provide the best service possible, but to keep them safe.  We hold a duty of care for every client and part of that is making sure no allergic reaction occur from our products.
With that in mind, an Allergy Alert Test (also known as a patch test or skin test) will be carried out in the consultation process. This quick and easy process is compulsory for your safety, and must be carried out 48 hours prior to your hair colour appointment at REEDS Hair.

The Fun Bit: Finding The Perfect Hair Colour for You!

To ensure your new colour suits you, your REEDS Hair colourist take in certain elements that are personal to you. These will include;

1) Your Skin Tone & Complexion

The colour of your skin tone is actually one of the most important aspects of choosing the perfect hair colour. The correct colour will compliment your skin and make it appear even more beautiful, while the wrong colour might make your skin look dull and dreary.

2) Your Eyes

To really enhance and intensify your eye colour, your REEDS Hair colourist might opt for a contrasting colour. For instance - if your eyes are blue, a caramel or golden blonde tone will make them appear even bluer. If they are green, a fiery or soft red tone could be the perfect colour for you.

3) Your Personal Style

Once the hair colour has been narrowed down to suit your complexion and eye colour, your personal style should be considered - and this is where you know best. Do you want to be noticed, or blend in? Do you need to be more daring, or does your outfit say enough? Make sure the shades you and your colourist choose is one that will make you feel confident and yourself.

Book Your Hair Colour Consultation At REEDS Hair Salons In Cambridge & Sawston

Discover how you can achieve your dream hair colour with the help of your REEDS hairdresser today. Book now by calling your local REEDS Hair Salon.