Pregnancy Haircare Top Tips

Top Haircare Tips & Advice During Pregnancy At REEDS Salons In Cambridge

Pregnancy Haircare Top TipsThroughout pregnancy, you may find that the condition, texture or thickness of your hair changes. Don't panic! It's totally normal - and the team of expert stylists at REEDS salons in Cambridge and Sawston are here to help make sure you feel the best version of yourself during your pregnancy.

Our team understands that pregnancy-induced hair loss can definitely leave you lacking in confidence. So why not book in to stone hairdressing for a complimentary hair consultation at your local REEDS salon?

We will discuss with you the best styles for thinning or fine hair and recommend the most suitable professional hair thickening treatments and homecare products for you. 

Are There Any Products or Treatments I Should Avoid During Pregnancy?

‘Which hair services treatments are safe during pregnancy’ and ‘which hair treatments I should avoid whilst carrying a baby’ are common questions we get asked at REEDS Hair. We suggest you pop into your local salon and have a chat with one of our experienced hair stylists who will advise you on whether it’s safe to have your chosen treatment while pregnant, a colour your hair whilst expecting a baby, and everything else in-between.

Book Your Pregnancy Hair Appointment At REEDS Salons in Cambridge And Sawston

If you fancy a spot of mum-to-be pampering or want more advice on what hair treatments are safe during pregnancy, and which treatments you should avoid whilst pregnant, book an appointment at your local REEDS hairdressing salon by calling 01223 833303 for our Sawston salon or 01223 363107 for our Cambridge salon.