Trend Watch for Him: ‘Heartthrob Heroes’ Hair

Key Hair Trends for Men in 2019 at REEDS Hair Salon in Cambridge, Bury St Edmunds & Sawston

We know how difficult it can be for men who are looking to either grow out their hair or give long hair an up to date style. Mid-length hair can look unkempt and awkward but at REEDS Hair Salons, we have good news!

The latest trend for men sees the comeback of 1990s heartthrob hair, the perfect style for mid length locks. You’ll no doubt be familiar with the style; messy hair swept back off the face, often falling into curtains and always making women swoon with delight.

A favourite hairstyle of the tortured bad boy with the face of an angel (think Johnny Depp in 21 Jump Street), the heartthrob hairstyle was the biggest hair trends of the 90’s. Today, celebrities such as Cole Sprouse, Harry Styles and Brooklyn Beckham have given the heartthrob hairstyle a 21st Century update.

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Hair Ideas for Gents with Natural Curly Hair

The heartthrob hairstyle is one that must never look over styled, with a relaxed look that screams indifference and coolness. This undone look is ideal for the man who has naturally curly or wavy hair, as with a little products and using your fingers, you can recreate the look easily. 

Longer Hairstyles for Gents – The Healthy Heartthrob Hairstyle

There’s nothing quite as alluring as a James Dean-style cool man with healthy looking, shiny locks: perfect for running fingers through. There’s a reason that the Head & Shoulders adverts with David Ginola were so popular, guys. Cole Sprouse is rocking the modern look, with plenty of volume and shine to his hair. Make sure you get a really great cut and wash your hair with a professional volumising shampoo – ask your REEDS Hair stylist which hair product would be perfect for this look.

Get a Hairstyle Like Brooklyn Beckham’s!

Back in the Nineties, one of the ultimate British heartthrobs was football star David Beckham. Looking back at his crispy blonde curtains perhaps it wasn’t the best look of his, but thankfully for the 21 st Century his eldest son Brooklyn has updated his dad’s most iconic look. Plenty of volume and less structured curtains are where the hairstyle is at this year. Recreate the look with a small amount of volumising & holding product from Matrix, run your fingers up and through the front of your hair, and let the hair fall naturally to each side, with strands falling to the front. 

How to Achieve the Perfect Heartthrob Hairstyle at Home – Top Hairstyling Tips for Men

The best thing about this new heartthrob hairstyle trend is that it is super low maintenance and easy to style at home. Getting a great hair cut is essential so ask for layers, length left on the top of the hair and towards the front. Hair should be towel dried gently to avoid frizz, then “scrunch” a light cream or mousse product through the roots and length. Hair can then be left to dry naturally or by using a diffuser to create volume. Style your hair with your fingers to create a deconstructed and natural looking hair style.

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