Hair Trends for 2018

5 Hairstyles To Try in 2018 at REEDS Hair Salons in Cambridge, Sawston & Bury St. Edmunds

From fringes, to 1980s curls, we have the very best haircuts and styles this season at REEDS hairdressing salons in Sawston & Cambridge. So why not get fresh this new year with a new haircut and style from o

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Fringes are back into fashion! Whether they’re bold and blunt, long and side-swept, or short and Cleopatra-like, fringes are a great way to update your look. It is best not to attempt creating a fringe at home, as it require precision cutting done by a professional. So visit your Reeds hair stylist, who will be able to find a fringe that suits your face shape and goes well with your hairstyle. 

Not into the idea of fully committing to a real? It’s easy to make fake ones for the night just by flipping over a section of hair from the back of your head, and putting the rest up in a top knot, like.

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2018 is all about brown balayage hair colours. Modern brown hair colours can never look outdated or plain because of modern techniques, such as balayage. This highlighting technique has gone viral, which is understandable as it gives a beautiful subtle effect. Balayage highlights work great for brunettes as well.  Dark brown hair with highlights is also a cool pick for brunettes who want to spice up their natural lock

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Curly Hair

Embrace your curls thisseason! Give your curls a punk edge and style them with a quiff. Curly hair is always glam, but it is more prone to the frizz effect which is why you need to use suitable creams and lotions to keep it well maintained. 

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Big Bouncy Blow Dries

Whether your hair is naturally curled or you need to reach for the curling tongs, prepare for big bouncy curls to have a revival in coming months! This hairstyle looks luxurious and full of volume and can only truly be created by visiting our hair salon.

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Choppy Bobs & Lobs

 Bob hairstyles 2018 will certainly stay popular and surprise us with newer styles showing up every year. Whether you have thick or fine hair, bob haircuts and styles suit everyone. Have some layers cut into your bob to give it movement. Talk to one of our hair colour experts today!

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