Hair Smoothing

Matrix Opti.Smooth at Reeds Hair Salons in Cambridge & Sawston

Are you fed up of having frizzy, unruly hair that is hard to manage? Do you long for straight and silky locks?

The Matrix Opti.Smooth service at Reeds Hair Salons in Cambridge & Sawston is a revolutionary hair smoothing treatment that guarantees to reduce frizz and define even the unruliest of hair.

Get instant visible results thanks to the keratin enriched ingredients and transform your frizzy unmanageable hair into silky soft locks that are nourished, healthy looking and more defined.

The professional Matrix formula offers quick and easy results that you can rely on whilst delivering maximum levels of smoothness. The keratin penetrates the fibres of your hair, meaning deep, long-lasting results you will love.

The conditioning cream smoothing system will improve the look and feel of the hair adding amazing shine and reduce styling time.

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Top Benefits of The Matrix Opti Smooth Straightening Service

  • Hair is naturally moisturized and left feeling smooth and conditioned.
  • Natural curl is reduced whilst frizz and volume are controlled.
  • Straighter, smoother hair results are achieved.
  • 100 % safe and formaldehyde free.
  • Instantly visible, long lasting results.

Aftercare Advice

It is essential that you avoid shampooing for a minimum of 72 hours after you Opti.Smooth service. The bonds in your hair have been broken down and are left in a weakened state which if not handled gently may lead to breakage.

Avoid using hair clips, bobbles or pins in your hair for at least 72 hours after your service as you may indent or bend the hair. Allow at least 14 days after your Opti. Smooth Service before applying any type of permanent or semi-permanent hair colour on your hair.

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