New Year Hair Resolutions

Transform Your Hair in 2018 with REEDS  Hair Salons in  Bury St. Edmunds, Cambridge & Sawston

Want shiny, healthy hair in 2018? From hair treatments to healthy nutrition, healthy hair care can be obtained easily this year. So get inspired by the following resolutions brought to you by the expert hair stylists at REEDS hairdressing salons in Bury St Edmunds, Cambridge & Sawston.

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New Year’s Resolution #1: Get A New Haircut

Hair Salons Cambridge, Sawston & Bury St. Edmunds

Start the New Year with a new cut, colour and change it up, of course you don’t have to go shorter… you could always go longer with Balmain hair extensions! We have four dedicated extension specialists across the three salons. Why not come in and talk to our team for some suggestions and advice on your new style.

The change can be as subtle or as drastic as you like. Set your imagination free, and let us take you on a hair colour journey.


New Year’s Resolution #2: Have a trim every four to six weeks

New Year Hair ResolutionsTo avoid dry hair and splitting ends, visit our hair salons in Sawston & Cambridge and Bury St Edmunds for a trim.  The most effective way to keep your hair healthy is to get rid of those dry ends. Aim to have a trim every six to eight weeks, as this will promote healthy hair and hair growth. 


New Year’s Resolution #3: Experiment with hair colour

Hair Salons Cambridge, Sawston & Bury St. EdmundsBe brave this new year and add some new colours to your hair? If you have been eyeing a new hair colour but to scared to make the change, there is no better time than now to take a leap of faith and go for it?


New Year’s Resolution #4: Treat your hair to some deep conditioning

New Year Hair Resolutions

Get into a healthy hair routine this year by investing in some hair treatments. 

Throughout the day your hair tends to lose moisture, which can be caused by environmental factors such as dry air or pollution. Adding intensive moisture back into your hair will help keep dry hair and breakage at bay.  Our Bond Ultim8 Hair Treatments are designed to repair, smooth and renew your hair, leaving it feeling healthy and stronger. While our Matrix hair treatments are an add on service to replenish and nourish hair with moisture making it soft to the touch.

Our expert stylists will be able to recommend the most suitable treatment to bring your hair back to life leaving it looking healthier and shinier and feeling silky soft. 

To find out more give your local REEDS hair salon a call and one of our expert team can assist you.