Look After Your Hair This Summer

Stop Hair Colour From Fading Over Summer – REEDS Hair Salons in Sawston & Cambridge

Look after your hair this summer – protect it from harmful UV rays and prevent breakage and split ends from excess heat exposure. The hair specialists in our Sawston & Cambridge hairdressing salons have put together a guide to their top summer hair care tips to ensure your locks stay looking super shiny and glossy all summer long!

How to Protect Hair From Chlorine

Summer hair at REEDS hair salons in Cambridge & SawstonIf you’re going on a summer break this summer and plan to use the pool, ensure you protect your hair against chlorine. Chlorine can make hair look and feel dry and brittle as it strips the natural oils from the hair.

The haircare experts at REEDS hair salons suggest investing in a chlorine-removing shampoo and once you’re back from your holidays, book an appointment at either our Sawston or Cambridge hair salon for a luxury hair treatment to help restore your hair.

We offer Bond Ultim8 & Matrix Hair Treatments that will replenish and nourish hair, adding moisture and making it soft to the touch.

Stop your Hair Colour From Fading This Summer 

hair colour at REEDS Hair salons in Cambridge & Sawston

It is so easy for coloured hair to fade in the sun which is why we recommend the use of a colour protection conditioner and shampoo to prolong the life of your colour. Or why not try wearing a stylish floppy hat or bandana to keep the suns harful rays off your head?

If you notice that your hair colour has started fading, we can provide an expert colour correction service at our hair salons in Sawston & Cambridge as well as glossing and hair toning services.

Tips From REEDS Hair Salons on How to Prevent Frizzy Hair This Summer

Frizz free hair at REEDS hair salons in Cambridge & Sawston

Do you have dry hair that is frizzy and unruly? Take back control of your locks and keep frizz at bay with a moisturising hair treatment that will rehydrate your thirty hair and return it to its former glory.

If you want a longer lasting solution to your unmanageable hair why not try The Matrix Opti.Smooth Treatment? Available at Reeds Hair Salons in Cambridge & Sawston it is a revolutionary hair smoothing service that guarantees to reduce frizz and define even the unruliest of hair.

How to Protect Hair from Heat in Summer 

hairstyles at REEDS hair salons in Cambridge & Sawston

Excess heat can lead to hair becoming dry leading to split ends and breakage. It is essential to use haircare products that contain UV protection that will reduce damage to your hair.

Alternativley why not wear a hat or tie your hair into a ponytail, plait or bun to keep your hair neat and tidy?

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