How to Combat Frizz

Top Frizzy Hair Tips from REEDS  Hair Salons in Cambridge, Sawston & Bury St. Edmunds

Frizz will always be a struggle for many of people, especially in the months when humidity levels are higher.  If you are after some expert advice on your hair, the professionals at our Sawston & Cambridge hairdressing salons have some tips for you. We have put together a guide on how to combat frizz to ensure your locks stay looking super shiny and glossy all winter long!. 

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What Causes Frizzy Hair?

How to Combat FrizzThe cuticle, which is the outermost layer on the hair strands, opens up and lets the outside air in when frizz occurs. This then results in your hair becoming a frizzy mess. Dry, porous hair sucks up moisture from the humid air, which causes the hair shaft to swell and kink all over the place.

To prevent your hair from acting like a sponge, put on a protective coat—a hydrating product. We recommend keeping your hair and scalp hydrated, avoid over-styling your hair


Top Tips on How to Control Frizzy Hair

Have a Brazillian blow dry treatment – A hair smoothing treatment will eliminate up to 95% of frizz and curl so your hair will become silkier and more manageable. We can now transform frizzy, coarse and curly hair into smooth, shiny, soft hair with the Matrix Opti.Smooth service at Reeds Hair Salons in Cambridge & Sawston. It is a revolutionary hair smoothing treatment that guarantees to reduce frizz and define even the unruliest of hair. Thanks to the keratin enriched ingredients, we can transform your frizzy unmanageable hair into silky soft locks that are nourished, healthy looking and more defined.

Finger comb hair – Frizzy hair can be combed effectively by applying a moisture-locking dry oil to your hair and running your fingers through sections of your hair to detangle any knots. The oil acts as a barrier and keep the liquids from penetrating. 

Condition hair regularly –  Conditioning hair regularly is very important to keep it looking shinier and healthier. Moisture must be deposited in your hair in order to eliminate frizz. Our expert hair stylist at our hair salon can advise you on the best conditioner to use for your hair type. When applying conditioner, start from the tips all the way down to your ends. Avoid drenching your roots with conditioner so it can have some breathing space.

Wear hair in a bun  – To de-frizz hair more effectively, braid your hair into two pigtails or put it up in a bun after shampooing. The frizz-fighting mechanism is more effective when your cuticles are locked into place.

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