Healthy Winter Hair

Tips for Healthy Winter Hair from REEDS  Hair Salons in Cambridge, Sawston & Bury St. Edmunds

Cold, wet winter weather can take its toll on your hair – from frizz to split ends, static electricity to hat hair, a bad hair day can become a few terrible hair monthsFor healthy hair during the winter months, the expert hair stylists at REEDS hairdressing salons recommend keeping your hair and scalp hydrated, avoid over-styling your hair and have your hair trimmed regularly. The hair specialists in our Sawston & Cambridge hairdressing salons have put together a guide to their top winter hair care tips to ensure your locks stay looking super shiny and glossy all winter long!

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Prevent Winter Frizz With Hair Treatments

Throughout the day your hair tends to lose moisture, which can be caused by environmental factors such as dry air or pollution. Adding intensive moisture back into your hair will help keep dry hair and breakage at bay.  Our Bond Ultim8 Hair Treatments are designed to repair, smooth and renew your hair, leaving it feeling healthy and stronger. While our Matrix hair treatments are an add on service to replenish and nourish hair with moisture making it soft to the touch.

Our expert stylists will be able to recommend the most suitable treatment to bring your hair back to life leaving it looking healthier and shinier and feeling silky soft. 



Prevent Itchy Scalp During Winter

During the winter months, we often find that our scalps become more brittle, itchy and flaky. To combat this use a good quality oil . This will ensure your hair is well hydrated with essential moisture and nutrients. 

At REEDS, we offer the highest quality hair products and styling tools on the market. We are proud suppliers of leading industry brands such as GHD, Matrix R.A.W, Balmain, Redken and Matrix Biolage.  Our stylists and technicians have been specifically trained with our in-salon products will be more than happy to recommend the right products for you. 

Adopt a Healthy Diet

By following a healthy, balanced eating plan, get hair that is lustrous shiny and resilient, and a mane you have always dreamed of. Healthy hair foods can help you achieve better, stronger, shinier and thicker hair from the inside out.

Eat the correct balance of nutrients and minerals to supply hair with all that it needs to remain shiny, lustrous and strong. Proteins are known to enhance and strengthen hair strands – Greek yoghurt, eggs and cheese are great sources of protein. For healthy hair follicles, opt for foods rich in unsaturated fats such as salmon and avocado,  that are rich in omega3-fatty acid and protein.


Trim Hair to Beat Split Ends In Winter 

 The constant brushing of hair on woollen hats in winter can also cause split ends. For this reason, regular trims are essential. The most effective way to keep your hair healthy is to get rid of those dry ends. Aim to have a trim every six to eight weeks, as this will promote healthy hair and hair growth. To avoid split ends, come to our hair salon for your regular haircut.