Hairstyles For Stylish Men!

The Hottest Party Hairstyles For Men at REEDS Hair Salons in Bury St Edmunds, Sawston and Cambridge

We’ve rounded up the best party hairstyles for stylish men to ensure you’ll turn heads for the right reason at this year’s festivities! Whether your hair’s curly, straight, long, textured or thinning – we have the best cuts for your hair type.

So, if you want to step into Christmas in style this year, pop in to see the team at REEDS Hair Salons in Bury St Edmunds, Sawston and Cambridge – simply call your local salon using the links below.

Hairstyles for Men With Curly Hair – Timothée Chalamet

Harry Styles and Timothée Chalamet both make the case for embracing Mid-length curly hair – but for a stylish party look you should try to keep it under control with the right products, for maximum sleekness. Ask your REEDS stylist for the best products for making the most of your curls.

Hairstyles For Men With Textured Hair – Michael B Jordan

The wave effect is one of our favourite styles for men with Afro-textured hair. It’s a classic haircut that can be worn formally with a suit and tie or jeans, or with trainers and a hoodie for a more casual look- it appears when Afro hair is cut down to a length where the hair is no longer curly, but not quite laying flat. We love how Michael B Jordan rocks this classic wave effect look.

Hairstyles for Men With Straight Hair – Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper demonstrates a classic look for men, the short back and sides. It’s one of the most popular men’s hair cuts and, when styled properly, works with everything from a suit to a pair of shorts. Classic, smart and understated, this is the go-to hair cut for a man who is looking for something simple yet elegant for the party season.

Hairstyles for Men With Thinning Hair – Jude Law

If your hair’s not as thick as it used to be, you may be thinking about a new cut to disguise this. The textured crop not only looks smart, but can also give the impression of a thicker head of hair (when the right grooming products are used) as demonstrated by Jude Law. Your REEDS barber will tailor the length and proportion between the fringe and the back of your hair.

Hairstyles For Men With Long Hair – Jared Leto

Thanks to fashion icons like Jason Momoa and Jared Leto, shoulder-skimming cuts can be smart enough to wear to work, even if your job involves daily suit-wearing – it’s all about using the right grooming products! Gone are the days of long hair being for surfers or hippies, the most stylish men we know rock a longer hairdo! Ask your REEDS barber during your next appointment for the best products to maintain your long hair, or to help find a style whilst you grow out your hair. 

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