Hair Extensions For Brides

Hair Extensions For Brides At REEDS Hair Salons In Cambridge & Sawston

Hair extensions really can be a bride’s best friend, instantly providing longer, fuller, flowing locks that look completely natural.  They also give you so many more options when it comes to creating your dream wedding hairstyle. In this article, the stylists at REEDS Hair Salons in Cambridge and Sawston answer some of your FAQs when it comes to hair extensions on your wedding day

Should I Have Hair Extensions On My Wedding Day?

There are plenty of cheap options out there, so many brides consider wearing budget clip-in hair extensions on their big day.  These can be unreliable and have fewer colour matching options. We’d always recommend you go for something more durable, perfectly colour-matched and of fantastic quality for your wedding day - all without damaging your natural hair.  As a first step, visit the hair extensions experts at REEDS Hair salons for a free hair extensions consultation.

What Happens During My Bridal Hair Extensions Consultation?

Book in for a consultation at your nearest REEDS Hair Salon to decide which method of application is best for your hair type and lifestyle.   If you’re completely new to hair extensions and feel a bit worried, rest assured - your REEDS hair stylist will fully explain everything and make the extensions look perfectly natural for your special day. 

During your consultation, we will talk through the hair extensions process, the look you’d like to create and discuss the best hair extensions method (and the amount of extensions needed for your chosen look).  We’ll also help find the ideal colour.  Show us some pictures of your favourite bridal hairstyles and we will discuss what’s needed to replicate the look.

Will the Hair Extensions Match My Natural Hair Colour?

Yes they will.  Your REEDS Hair extensionist will carefully match your hair extensions to your natural colour – you won’t even be able to tell it isn’t your real hair.  Balmain hair extensions come in a vast range of beautiful colours so we can find the perfect match.  Alternatively, hair extensions can also be a great way to add some colour to your hair. Speak to your stylist about the look you want to achieve for your wedding day.

Can I Use Hair Extensions To Add Volume To My Bridal Hairstyle?

If you’re dreaming of gorgeous flowing locks for your wedding day, but your hair is somewhat lacking in the volume department – then hair extensions could be the ideal solution.  As well as adding length, they are also a great way to add body to fine and thinning hair.  They work well for all face shapes and all ages.

Will Hair Extensions Damage My Hair?

In short, no, when applied by one of our highly skilled hair extensions specialists they should not damage your hair.  We will give you a full personalised aftercare programme and it’s very important that you follow all the maintenance guidelines to keep your extensions in fabulous condition and minimise any risk of damage to your own hair or scalp.

How Long Will My Hair Extensions Last?

We recommend you have your hair extensions fitted approximately 2 weeks before the big day so you can get used to them.  Book your wedding hair trial for after you’ve had them fitted so we can work with your new hair.

Provided you care for them correctly, your Balmain hair extensions should last for 6 months after your big day – so you can have stunning long hair on your wedding day, honeymoon and beyond!  

Your hair extensions specialist will give you lots of information during your appointment at our salons in Cambridge, Sawston and Bury St Edmunds - including advice on the best products, styling tools and more.

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