French-Girl Fringe for Autumn 2018

Why It’s Time You Considered Getting a French-girl Fringe at REEDS Salons in Bury St Edmunds, Cambridge & Sawston

If your hair is stuck in a funk, a ‘French fringe’ could be the way to give your hair that certain je ne sais quoi. Inspired by the chic locks of Parisian fashionistas, the ‘French-Girl Fringe’ is all about natural beauty…and kinks are encouraged!

Ageless, universally flattering and easy to style – this iconic French haircut is characterised by being longer and not having a freshly cut look to it, resulting in an all-round effortless look. Our team of talented stylists at REEDS are ready and waiting to create your brand new French-inspired look for Autumn/Winter 2018.

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Will a French-Girl Fringe Suit Me?

Fringes are usually a softening feature so they suit most people. The only situation where they don’t is where the area of the forehead to the hair line is not very high and a fringe could have the effect of closing in the face too much. But even then, in some cases, this can be resolved by making the fringe wider. Check out our quick guide on what fringe suits your face shapebelow…
Long and narrow faces: This look should work well on you, as fringes that hit just below the brows will make your face look fuller.
Round or square faces: Fringes can make circular faces appear even wider, so finding the right shape is key. Ask for a graphic, curved style that will flatter bone structure. The thicker the better, as wispy versions will have less impact.
Heart-shaped faces: Lucky you! Your face shape can get away with pretty much everything. But if you want something definitive, the ideal style is layered and feathered -perfect for the French-Girl look.

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Your French-Girl Fringe Consultation at REEDS

When describing this cut, bring a picture or screenshot along to your appointment at our hair salons in Cambridge, Bury St Edmunds and Sawston, so you and your REEDS stylist can be on the same page – after all, one person’s “long” is another person’s “shaggy” is another person’s “sexy.”

Bear in mind, though, that during your complimentary consultation at REEDS, your stylist will access your face shape and hair type to ensure that a ‘French girl fringe’ is for you.

Top Tips For Looking After Your French-Girl Fringe

Regular Trims at REEDS: To create that effortless French vibe, your REEDS stylist will leave the ends of your new fringe feathery as opposed to blunt. With any kind of Fringe, you’re looking at regular trims at your nearest salon in order to keep their shape, so keep that in mind.

Stock Up On Dry Shampoo: There’s no doubt that you’ll be touching and playing with your fringe a lot, especially at the beginning, which will just produce some extra oiliness.  Dry shampoo is also perfect for stopping a fringe from separating and keeping it fresh and volumised throughout the day.

Why Clients Think We’re The Best Salon in LOCATION…

11 reviews with an average rating of 5.0
Salon Review
Katt Gubb
Have always come back here, whoever cuts my hair here always does a good job!
Salon Review
Marguerite Gertenbach
I’ve always dreaded having my hair coloured due to previous bad experiences at other salons. I had a full head of highlights and cut by Kerry, and I am delighted. I would recommend her 100%
Salon Review
Tasmin Wade
I have been coming to Reeds in Cambridge for 10 years. They are incredible. My colourist and stylist Kristy never fails to make my hair look and feel amazing every single time I come to the salon. Nothing is every too much to ask, and everyone is so kind, friendly and helpful. I can not recommend Kristy enough to anyone, she is such a hardworking, lovely person who has such talents with hair! I would never go anywhere else!
Salon Review
Melanie Bliss
I had Kerry cutting my hair and would recommend her. Best haircut ever!!
Salon Review
Jacquelyn Lane
The best haircut and color I have had in Cambridge! A wonderful experience all around. I've been getting my hair cut by the same person since I was young. In moving to Cambridge, I had to find someone new. After several bad haircuts at other Cambridge salons, a friend recommended Reeds. Game changer! The salon staff are incredibly friendly, knowledgable, and professional and the prices are very reasonable. The experience I had at the salon was relaxing and comfortable and I've gotten so many compliments on my haircut. I decided to go back to Reeds for some highlights and again, I could not be more pleased with the experience and the result. I highly recommend! P.S. Matt was my stylist for both cut and color. I highly recommend him. Reeds also has a student discount, so be sure to bring your student card.
Salon Review
Maxine Moss
Usually hate going to hairdressers, but called on the off chance they had an appointment at short notice and got lucky. Matthew is one of those hairdressers that listens when you describe what you need and then proceeded to cut my hair exactly as I wished, politely checking throughout that all was ok. Also struck perfect balance between awkward silence and endless chatter. And he was very tactful when I told him I'd been cutting my own hair for a year, and said I'd not done a bad job ( I had!). They even charged my phone!
Salon Review
Celia Jones
I’ve been going to this salon for years. It’s such a great place to go. The staff are great, listen to what you want and advise you well. I had a ballyage done by Carlene who is awesome. She’s so attentive and lovely. When I go into this salon sometimes maybe I’m not feeling my best, not too pretty but I always leave feeling fantastic and happy and that I can do anything. Restoring confidence is a real gift. Easily the best salon in Cambridgeshire I cannot recommend highly enough.
Salon Review
Biolage Raw smells really good! Love that these products can be used on my afro hair.
Salon Review
Wendy Johnson Houghton
Have been a regular at this salon for longer than I care to mention. The team are brilliant, helpful, cheerful, funny and I always come out feeling much better than I went in (not to mention with a brilliant cut/colour!). Not so much a hairdressers, more a therapy treatment!

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