Festival Hairstyles To Try This Summer!

Festival Hairstyle Ideas From REEDS Hair Salons In Cambridge & Sawston

If you love attending music festivals and fancy trying out some cool hairstyles, we have some festival hairstyles you might want to try.  Remember that the stylists at our hair salons in Cambridge & Sawston are also available if you fancy trying a funky new hair colour or hairstyle for the summer season!

Festival Hairstyle Inspiration

Braided Festival Hairstyles

Crown Festival BraidPerhaps the most popular festival hairstyle is a braid.  

Your plaits can be as simple or as intricate as you wish… Braids are brilliant at the beginning of the festival because you can take them out after a day or two and have pretty wavy hair! 

Equally, if your hair is looking a little greasy, simply pull it back into a pretty plait.   Make sure you have some dry shampoo handy too!






Vibrant Hair Colours for Festivals

Vibant Festival Hair Reeds SalosSummer festivals are the perfect time to be bold with your hair colour. 

Whether you want to try a vibrant all-over hair colour, a few well-placed highlights or a cool purple and pink mash-up (pictured left), book in for a complimentary hair colour consultation so we can help!  

We can even help you find a hair colour that suits your complexion and eye colour!





Pastel Hair Colour Ideas

Pastel Pink Reeds hairPastel hair colours are a big trend for summer.  So it may be time to book in for a hair colour appointment at your local REEDS Hair salon!

Opt for a demi-permanent colour that softly enhances your colour using a very gentle method.  Ideal for natural and coloured hair, this toning treatment can even hide grey hairs.





Festival Glitter Roots at REEDS Hair

Wella Festival HairFor an on-trend festival hairstyle, simply add some glitter to your roots or parting! 

This works on a multitude of hairstyles including space buns, braids, tumbling waves…

Whatever hairstyle you fancy, make sure you book your appointment with your local REEDS Hair salon.





Book Your Festival Hair Appointment at a REEDS Hair Salon Near You

Going to a festival?  Book your hair appointment at REEDS Hair Salon (Cambridge) on 01223 363107 or (Sawston) 01223 833303, book online, or send an email to info@reedshair.com.